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The beauty industry is changing now more than ever so why not change with it?  We are Central Ohio’s 1st and only on-demand daily booth rental salon and content creation space.  

We offer hourly & daily drop-in chair and spa space rental without the hassle & commitment of the traditional booth/space renting contracts and restrictions! Request to book, check out, and arrive!

The H Lofts is ideal for new industry pros, part-time pros, traveling pros, and home-based pros who need a professional environment to service their clientele.

This helps not only keep up a professional appearance, but it helps home-based professionals with retaining clients as they are much more inclined to return to a professional salon vs a home setting. It is also great for up-and-coming beauty professionals starting the journey to build clientele but most importantly, it allows you to price your worth as a professional!

Our interchangeable space has an equal balance of feminine & masculine design characteristics. We are not only a great option for beauty creatives who need a space to create content but a great space to host small events.


During a very life-changing event, Founder Valin Ross found out her office-turned-private salon suite would not be up for lease renewal.  After an unsuccessful search for a new space, a stressed and discouraged Valin began to evaluate her options. Valin reached out to her peers to inquire about working in their salons and paying per day to which she received many no’s.  One night in her dreams her grandfather came to her with the answer - create what you need! From there The H Lofts brand was born. 

The H Lofts is a refreshing deviation from the traditional salon renting experience.  Valin & Cortland believe in supporting beauty creatives as well as teaching the business aspect of the industry.


CEO & Founder Valin Ross is no newcomer to the beauty industry – in fact, she made her first entry into the beauty world at age 12. During her childhood, Valin used to service “clients” in the bedroom of her northeast neighborhood home where she specialized in ponytails, extensions, and kids’ hair. After a very short stint in college, Valin enrolled at The Conservatory of Cosmetology and began her career as a cosmetologist working between North Carolina and Ohio. She has owned several salons over the last decade and is currently a successful Luxury Extension Specialist in Columbus, Ohio.

CFO & Co-Founder Cortland Haynes is a newcomer to the beauty industry. Cortland is a philanthropist and successful small business owner who comes from a background in home lending, investments, and sales. Cortland owns two other successful businesses in the Central Ohio area.



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